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Laid Back Lifestyle session https://www.kalliejophotography.com/blog/2016/12/laid-back-lifestyle-session This awesome family wanted a laid back lifestyle session in their jammies! And we had a blast!

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Newborn session for Baby Mason- Bay Area Newborn Photographer https://www.kalliejophotography.com/blog/2016/9/newborn-session-for-baby-mason--bay-area-newborn-photographer The first time I photographed the Forney family was last November for their Christmas cards, and of course I was super excited to photograph them again! As I walked into their beautiful home I noticed several of my photographs framed and hanging perfectly on their walls. This made my photography heart jump and my eyes water a little. It is so awesome to see your work displayed proudly on a families wall!

Ok, lets talk about this session! Meet baby Mason... As you can see this little man is so loved already!



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Baby Sophia {9 days old} https://www.kalliejophotography.com/blog/2016/5/baby-sophia-9-days-old I did an in-home Lifestyle session for this amazing little family last week. We had grand plans to do a few cute posed images with her Daddy's guitar and records but baby Sophia had other plans. She preferred to be in her Mommy and Daddy's arms, so there she stayed :)




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Baby Anna- 10 months old https://www.kalliejophotography.com/blog/2016/5/baby-anna--10-months-old How adorable is she!? This little one was scooting all over the place, but we managed to keep her still just long enough!

I'm lovin' this simple clean backdrop with the natural wood bowl and a touch of softness from the blanket.


Headband from Avaloni Cottage.

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A moment of realization- A day with Max https://www.kalliejophotography.com/blog/2016/3/a-moment-of-realization--a-day-with-max Tonight I was sitting at my dining room table looking through a course I recently purchased from Clickin' Moms. This particular course focuses on the "storyteller" and looking around in your everyday life to find moments in time that are special or fleeting. As I sit here, after trying to take numerous photos of my very active 17 month old son in our backyard, I look over to see him playing. Playing by himself, which rarely happens. And I see him standing there with a football in his hand and waving "bye bye" to his trusty one of a kind blanket that is piled on the floor. He then put his football in his little chair at his little child sized table and then covered it with his blanket. I sit here smiling as I watch him, realizing and witnessing his imagination start to develop, and I smile. I wanted to run and grab my camera, but I know this will disrupt this short moment so I just sat and watched. There was something about that moment that made my eyes water and filled me with emotion, he's growing up so fast. He changes everyday and I am so lucky to be able to witness these changes and to document them with my camera. Sometimes we forget how short life is, and sometimes one silly action and our raw emotion can bring us back to whats important. It's strange how we find realization in such short and fleeting moments.

My son is my world, my center of gravity, my reason, my happiness. He fuels my momentum and my desire to succeed.

I am a photographer, a mother, a wife. 

I've been contemplating what direction I was going to take with my blog, as you can see I only have one post. Do I focus on my clients and share their story, do I focus on my own journey as a photographer? Tonight I found my inspiration playing in my living room; my son, Max. Tonight I've made a decision to document my day to day life as a photographer and a mother of an active little boy and how my two favorite things collide.



Here are a few shots from today.


A few images from today. A few images from today. A few images from today. A few images from today. A few images from today.

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H&M Love Story https://www.kalliejophotography.com/blog/2016/2/h-m-love-story  

It was a perfect day at Stanford University for a photo shoot! This adorable couple are High School sweethearts and the long time love radiates when they look at each other. It is always such an honor to capture those sweet special moments and obvious love between two people. 


(Kallie Jo Photography) east bay photographer engagement photo shoot https://www.kalliejophotography.com/blog/2016/2/h-m-love-story Tue, 16 Feb 2016 17:26:06 GMT